Congratulations to the new Assistant Instructors

For working extremely hard and finishing their first week of their assesments

  • Rishi Chand,
  • Shareen Chand,
  • Suhayma Yusuf,
  • Omar Blake,
  • Kairo Solomon,
  • Sharaya Walters,
  • Khalid Yusuf,
  • Timothy James,
  • Payal Shah,
  • Ahmed Benotman,
  • Imaad Hasan,
  • Ali Hamza Syed,
  • Luanna Barnwell (Existing AI),
  • Rishigar Selvarajah (Existing AI),
  • Intisar Ibrahim (Existing AI)

Congratulations to Mrs Sumaiyah Islam

For the re-opening of her school at Eastcote KKD, every friday at 6pm-7pm, please check classes for details

Two New Schools

A massive congratulations to Mrs Islam for the forth coming openings of her two new schools Northwood College and Priestmead School.

Please check our class link for details!



Assistant Instructor Course

Mrs Bushra Khosla is running an assistant Assistant Instructor Course the Easter Holidays

Monday 11th April to Friday 15th April 2011, good luck to all those who will be attending!

Well done to Miss Siham Yusuf

Well done to Miss Siham Yusuf for achieving her black belt on Sunday 6th march 2011

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Team Leader from Barham School

Miss Payal Shah has been promoted to Team Leader from Barham School, Well Done! From K-Kwon-Do & Team

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