Etiquette Of The Dojan

The development of character and good mental attitude is the most important goal in K-Kwon-Do. As martial artists we not only train hard to attain proper techniques but also to develop a strong martial art spirit. For this reason students must always display good manners and character and observe certain etiquette during classes some of which are listed below.

Students must always arrive before the class begins as lateness is very disrespectful and disruptive. However, if you are late, you must perform 10 push-ups at the back of the class and ONLY join the class when the Instructor has given you permission.

  • No jewellery what so ever is to be worn during any classes.
  • No smoking, chewing gum, eating or drinking is allowed in the dojang.
  • Clothes, shoes, bags and belongings should be kept out of the way to one side of the dojang neatly.
  • When waiting for a class to begin, students should sit in a straight line and wait quietly.
  • Students are ONLY allowed to break off for a drink or go to the toilet during classes when their Instructor has given them permission.
  • Students should always use terms of respect when addressing Instructors and senior students such as ‘mam’, ‘sir’ or ‘sabumnim’.
  • All Black Belts will be addressed formally as ‘Mrs.’, ‘Mr.’ or ‘Miss.
  • Students should bow or raise their right fist to their chest and say ‘kibun’ as a formal greeting, farewell, praise and as a mark of respect.
  • Students should not face the flags or Instructors when adjusting their uniforms.
  • Students should observe common standards of hygiene and make sure their nails are kept short and their uniforms are ironed and clean.
  • Students should respond to instructions promptly.
  • No bad language, obscenity or disrespect toward anyone will be tolerated.
  • Loud conversations, excess laughing and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Leaning on the walls, sprawling on the floor and slouchy behaviour is not acceptable in the dojang.

‘Everybody learns more when they are SMILING, SWEATING & LAUGHING!’